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Recent Macro-economic Indicators (GDP Growth Rate)

GPD grow rath

Estimation of GDP for 2015

Based on data collected in the first 6 months of 2015 by Ministry of Economy taking into consideration of the impact from the slowdown of economies including Europe and China, GDP growth for Cambodia has been revised down from 7% a year ago to around 6.9 %. The value of current GDP is estimated to be worth 74.93 trillions riel or 18.50 billions US dollars (1USD= 4040Riel) and GDP per capita is around 1228USD.

Industries which have been identified to see the potential growth include Agriculture (1%), Manufacturing (8.7%), Garment (5.5%), Electricity and Clean water (7.2%), Construction (17.7%) and Service (9%).

Source: The Ministry of Economy and Finance

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